Chalkboard Table in Hudson Valley NY
Child standing in front of open lid chalkboard desk with some type of writing instrument in their hands.
Desk sitting with lid open showing two compartments under lid and another compartment the size of the desk as a shelf underneath it.
Desk wish lid closed, green chalkboard finish. desk tray directly underneath the desk.
Picture from behind child, seeing them playing with toys inside the desk with the lip open.
Two pictures side by side, one with child standing at desk with lid open, holding something in his hand. The other picture shows lid lock.

Chalkboard Art table - Montessori art table

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This Chalkboard Table for Kids is the perfect way to encourage your little one's creativity! With its modern design, it is sure to be a hit with your children!  The chalkboard top provides an inviting space for your child to draw, write, and express themselves. It also comes with a bottom storage box to store their chalk, erasers, and other art supplies. This table is sure to bring out their inner artist and provide hours of fun.


Width 43cm x Depth 40cm x 70cm 

Box 40cm x 40cm x 8cm 

Fast and easy assembly!